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We offer alluring, well thought out designs to ensure all space is used as efficiently as possible. Let us come take a look at your property and see if it is a candidate for an ADU.

Is an ADU right for you?

Learn more about what an ADU is, the site requirements to build an ADU on your property and what styles we offer!


What is an ADU?

An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit or "mother-in-law" or "granny flat." It provides completely separate living space for one or more persons on the same parcel as the main dwelling unit. All of our plans above are pre-approved plans by the City of Chico.


Where can I put an ADU?

The short answer is your backyard. The long answer requires a site evaluation and plan. But in basic terms, 5 feet from your property line, in your backyard or side yard.

Review our Site Requirements page for more details!


What are my options?

We have a range of pre-approved ADU styles to choose from. Not sure which one is a good fit? No worries! Our team can help you decide which ADU plan will best fit your needs and goals.

If you're not seeing exactly what you want in our line-up we can design and build a custom ADU.


We will handle the permits and approvals, our licensed general contractors are professionals and will make sure your new ADU meets regulations.

All of our plans are pre-approved with the city of Chico, so you don't have to worry about navigating that process.


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